Hadeland Glassverk
- a historical gem by Randsfjorden



Hadeland Glassworks was founded in 1762 and is the country's oldest continuously operating industrial enterprise. Experience our rich history - visit Europe's largest glass museum that takes you through 260 years of glassworks history and see our traditional craftsmanship up close in the Glass Hut.

History meets contemporary and groundbreaking world-class design in close collaboration between designers and glassblowers in our daily work here at Hadeland Glassworks. The result can be seen in countless public and private buildings around the world in the form of beautiful decorative and lighting projects, but of course also in our shops here at Hadeland Glassworks.

Today, Hadeland Glassworks is not only a glassworks but also an important destination for visitors from all corners of the world - both adults and children.

10 shops, 4 dining options, museum, activities, and entertainment all year round!

Open every day - free parking.

Opening hours.


Feel the warmth from the ovens and watch as our skilled glassblowers create the most beautiful glass objects. It's fascinating to witness the process and the work behind our large vases and the intricate details of the wine glasses. Observe the seamless collaboration between the glassblowers as they almost dance around the workshops - often without exchanging a word. Working as a glassblower here requires many years of experience, and we are not exaggerating when we say that the country's best glassworkers work here with us.

The Glass Hut is open every day and has free admission.


Welcome to the Craft Festival at Hadeland Glassworks, February 3 - March 24, 2024!

Hadeland Glassworks showcases crafts of all kinds in the Craft Festival. Both modern and traditional craft methods find their place in a splendid sales exhibition in Gallery 2.

Hadeland Glassworks has a long tradition of organizing craft festivals from previous years. In 2024, we once again bring forth the best from this tradition, give it a new look, and highlight even more talented Norwegian craftsmen, artists, and creators! We aim to showcase, teach, engage, and inspire – providing our visitors with an exciting and new experience in the world of art and crafts.

The exhibition has free admission.


At Hadeland Glassverk we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our passion for creating exquisite custom lighting fixtures is matched only by our dedication to surpassing your expectations and bringing your unique vision to life.

Do you like minimalism and simple lines or do you prefer classic elegance when choosing lighting? Our range of lamps contains both classic crystal balls and drop lamps in different colors and slips, in addition to our archive collection, which consists of relaunched classics from Hadeland's lamp production between 1930 and 1970.

All lamps are mouth-blown and hand-sharpened at Hadeland Glassverk.

Read more about lights here.


As the name suggests, our museum offers an experience and an exciting journey through Norway's largest glass and crystal production spanning 260 years.

The exhibition takes us from the first bottles of the 18th century - which traveled all the way to India - to the first crystal glasses of the 1850s, which laid the foundation for the glassware we adorn our festive tables with today. Here, you can see magnificent crystal with richly cut decorations, glass and crystal for various purposes with hand-painted, sandblasted, and engraved designs.

"Skattkammeret" Museum's exhibits span three floors and tell countless stories from the three centuries the glassworks has existed.

Read about the museum (norwegian).


With a total of 6 diverse dining establishments, culinary experiences abound at Hadeland Glassworks. Here, you can indulge in authentic Italian pizza at Mester Pizzeria, traditional dishes from the à la carte menu, or fresh salads at Kokkestua. Additionally, you can savor freshly baked goods and flavorful, freshly made baguettes at Bakeriet. 

See the complete overview of our dining establishments here (norwegian).


IAt the Factory Outlet, you can find great deals! Here, the seconds of the glass produced in the Glass Hut are sold with significant discounts. Much of what is sold at the Factory Outlet is exclusively available here at Hadeland Glassworks!


During the pre-Christmas period, Hadeland Glassverk is a great place to be if you're looking for the authentic Christmas spirit. Here, you can combine Christmas shopping, pre-Christmas coziness, traditions, and delicious food experiences! We have 11 shops, 4 dining establishments, a new and beautiful Christmas store in Gallery 2, a glass museum, and the Glass Hut – wonderful experiences await you with us this Christmas!


Jevnaker has a lot to offer! Just 5 minutes from Hadeland Glassworks, you will find Thorbjørnrud Hotel, idyllically located by Randsfjorden. Take the opportunity to visit Kistefos Museum and explore nearby hiking areas as well.

Book a summer stay at the picturesque Thorbjørnrud Hotel

Take the express bus from Oslo to Jevnaker
The express bus departs from Oslo Bus Terminal at 10:15 with a return from Jevnaker at 16:50. The journey takes just under two hours, and tickets cost 235 NOK one way.

There is a shuttle bus running between Hadeland Glassworks and Kistefos, so you can experience both destinations. The shuttle is included in the ticket

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